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Pretrial Intervention Programs For Drug Offenders In Maryland.

In most counties in Maryland, there is a diversion program for first time offenders where if a person enters into treatment, which is a government sponsored, government run treatment program, pays the minimum fees, remains clean, shows up, doesn’t get new charges and does a small amount of community service, then at the end of doing all that, the person will get a complete dismissal from the prosecutor. This means that the person has an opportunity to expunge the arrest immediately. Second time offenders where they’ve either done the program before and got a dismissal or got a conviction before generally are not eligible to do the drug diversion treatment programs. But then we could suggest that the person do a very intensive drug treatment program and we might be able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case even on a second offense or third offense because the person has done such a rigorous intensive pretrial treatment program.

How Long Would a Typical Drug Case Last In Maryland?

If it’s a felony drug case, a preliminary hearing is set four weeks after the arrest. Generally before the preliminary hearing, the prosecutor will present the case to the grand jury for indictment. The case will then be transferred to the circuit court, the jury court for prosecution and a jury trial will be set about 3 months after the case is indicted, so approximately 4 months after the arrest. Before the jury trial, there’ll be at least two or three necessary appearances in the circuit court scheduling conference, a mediation conference and a motions hearing and then the fourth court date is the jury trial. On a possession case, the trial date will be in district court before a judge not before a jury, and that trial date is usually set within six weeks of the arrest and there will be no court appearances before the trial date.

Is it Always Hardened Criminals or Are There Individuals That Are in Healthcare or Education Field that Wind up With a Drug Charge?

We’ve had many lawyers and doctors and other professionals charged with serious drug possession and those people have a lot more to lose because there are mandatory reporting requirements to the bar or to a medical licensing board or to a real estate licensing board or a nursing licensing board. Because of those draconian consequences, the particular person is usually more motivated to stop using, to get into treatment and to do everything under the sun to look like they are self-punishing and treating themselves. The results are usually better for the professional in court because they’ve done a better job before sentencing and because the prosecutor takes into consideration draconian consequences and is a little bit more lenient.

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