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Inconsistent Statements Can Be Used To Discredit Testimony In Court

Interviewer: Do you find that people make statement like this pretty often or is it rare?

Andrew Jezic: You have to find people who are mutual friends with the client and the victim. You speak to those mutual friends to see what somebody has said about a crime and you find out who are former good friends, who has a young teenage female alleged sexual assault victim, who are her former best friends in school. Teenagers have a lot of former best friends, and you try to find those people to see what statements have been made. A lot of people that are involved in the criminal element go to certain places to hang out and you talk to other people that hang out there. A lot of the times, you’ll find a former client in the same bar and you get information from your former client.

Posts on Social Media Can be Quite Revealing About the Credibility of a Person

The answer to your question is no, it doesn’t happen that often but if you look hard enough for it, you’ll find it. For instance, on Facebook or on Instagram, those are areas where you look. Another thing is if a person has been arrested a couple of times and he goes to jail, you order the jail tapes. Even if they’ve been in jail for 24-hours, they’re calling their mother and their fiancés to get them out of jail and it’s all taped. You want to go and find out what they said on the jail tapes. Sometimes they say really stupid stuff like I want you to hide. We had one client say, “I want you to hide my favorite 44”. That was the co-defendant that was testifying in a murder case against my client and the murder weapon was a 44 or whatever.

It is Imperative to Have a Private Investigator Working on the Defense Team

There are so many different ways you have to dig deep and it’s so important to have a private investigator working on the case immediately, having law clerks that are thinking about the case in the office running out and finding information. We pay those law clerks, they tend to be law students that are eager to run out and get information in the neighborhood, in the bars and they work hard and they find stuff that you wouldn’t generally find.

Hiring the Best Legal Counsel for Defense is Never a Cheap Proposition

Interviewer: It sounds like you’re not the cheapest law firm but it makes total sense why someone would pay a bit more to get this very complete representation, right?

Andrew Jezic: Yes, absolutely. You get what you pay for, just like almost anything else in life, you get what you pay for. With the level of experience and the level of the intensity of our investigation and our preparations, we are able to command very good legal fees for outstanding work especially because of our success record. It’s important to pay those fees because otherwise, we may not take the case.

Every Person is Worthy of Redemption and Deserves the Best Possible Defense

Interviewer: If there’s a personal statement that you want to make to people who are reading this material on whether they should contact you or not?

Andrew Jezic: The most important thing besides experience, preparation and skill is that clients feel that we care deeply about them no matter whether they are in fact guilty or not. Every person is worthy of redemption and every person deserves an aggressive criminal defense. What we show our clients every step of the way is that we care deeply about them, their family and getting the best result for them and helping them stay sane during the trial process. Keeping the anxiety down and helping them get their life back together after the case is over.

Competent Criminal Defense Attorneys Help Their Clients Outside of Court because They’re Looking out for their Client’s Best Interests

Our Defense lawyers stay with our clients to help them whether it’d be in the appeals process or reconsideration process or in court. We also help them after court with things outside of court and we often do it pro bono because we get to know our client and we care deeply about them. People feel that when they spend time with us that this defense lawyer really cares about me and my family and he really wants to get the best result for me and wants me to improve my life in the way I do things. He’s a counselor and a big brother, and we feel really proud about that and that’s why people hire us again and recommend other people to hire us.

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