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The Distinguishing Attributes Of A Competent Criminal Defense Attorney

Interviewer: What would you say that makes you a different or a particular suited to help people that are facing criminal charges vs. other defense attorneys in Maryland?

Andrew Jezic: One is that we give our cell phones to our clients, so our clients can text us and call us most hours of the day and get in touch with us within a short period of time or at least get a text and that reduces anxiety tremendously. Number 2, we have a law firm of 14 lawyers, so if I’m not available and I’m in a murder trial, if it’s a client who needs desperate answers to something, we’ll be able to text or call or an experienced partner of mine will visit them and that reduces anxiety. We work aggressively with private investigators and our law clerks to work a case up as if it is a high profile TV case.

Every Witness is Investigated Along With their Background and Prior Statements

We investigate every witness and their background and prior statements to the max. We work very hard from the beginning through private investigators, law clerks and defense attorneys shoe leather to get as much damaging information against the state’s witnesses as possible and to gather as much helpful information to buttress our defense. In other words, try to find as many witnesses as possible upfront and that creates a better chance of a jury trial win and also creates a better chance of more favorable pleas because the prosecutors know that in every case, the defense lawyers at Jezic Firm prepare each case to the max.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Prepare their Clients for a Trial Using Films and Focus Groups

In preparation of our witnesses and our defendants to testify, we practice with them and we use film and we use focus groups to help the defendant present the best side of themselves before a jury. We do focus groups often in big criminal cases. We do a Mock Jury in front of a group of randomly selected people in the community and that helps us hone our message and it helps us realize what we need to emphasize and not. It also helps us decide whether or not we’re looking at the case realistically and it also gives the defendant an opportunity to hear what the focus group members are saying. Also, we practice our closing arguments in opening statements so that when we stand up in front of the jury, we hit a homerun.

The Opening Statement is Undoubtedly the Most Important Part of a Criminal Trial

The opening statement is the most important part of any criminal case. If you win your case in opening, then the jurors will have an open mind towards your defense and will have a more closed mind about what the prosecutor’s case is. If you don’t win the case in opening, then the jurors are not going to hear your best points until four days later when your defense case starts and they’ve already made up their mind. So, we prepare to the max to present the most colorful, memorable, persuasive opening statement that is humanly possible and allowed by law. The next thing is our experience, I wrote a book on criminal procedure that all the judges use in the state of Maryland, it’s 1,500 pages. It’s in its 11th edition and I lecture around the state to judges and defense lawyers and it’ s important to know the law really well.

Judges Listen More to a defense Attorney who is an Acclaimed Expert of the Law

We get a lot of reversals in our criminal cases because I know the law extremely well. Judges listen to you more presuming you know the law because you wrote the book that’s in their chambers that they use on a regular basis for the last 12 years. I’ve had 90 jury trials and that gives me a tremendous amount of experience. You want a pilot on a jumbo 747 going across the ocean that’s flown many of this name flights and it’s for the same principle, you want a pilot of your criminal case who piloted many, many successful jury trials before.

The Avenues Taken to Find a Viable Defense in a Criminal Case

Interviewer: What are some of the right areas where you’re able to find defenses in the criminal cases?

Andrew Jezic: The way to find the defenses that other people don’t find is aggressively investigating prior statements that the state witnesses have made. The most important one is finding inconsistent statements that state witnesses have made to other people. For instance, ex-girlfriends on Facebook or to the bartender at the local bar where they frequently go and get drunk and talk too much. Because if you just get one or two or three inconsistent statements; sometimes not even the most important details, that might be enough for a jury to have reasonable doubt about the person’s story that you’re telling to the jury.

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